2017 - shortlisted

com · Manuel Aires Mateus

Museology . Fernando António Baptista Pereira
Museography . P-06 ATELIER
Engineer . afaconsult
Landscape architecture . BALDIOS

Rendering . Bernardo Sousa (phase 2), 1825 empreiteiros digitais (phase 1)

Project Team . Tânia Oliveira, Bernardo Sousa, Valentino Capelo de Sousa, Ana Dias, Anna Siviero, António Gabriel, Jacinta Fialho, Gil Cardoso

The design for the new museum should be anchored on the history and memory of the island.
The proposed scheme starts with a wall, enclosing a territory.
Inside, a robust single-storey structure defines a set of orthogonal spaces which confront the perimeter wall, oblique in response to varying surroundings.
This wall layout generates a relational depth, an invitation to promenading and discovering a continuum of spaces where the limits are permanently suggested but never enforced.
Indoor and outdoor spaces are modelled and articulated, echoing the history of a palace, a city, a classical culture. A place of no time, or of all times.
An Archaeology Museum is a place beyond time. The New Cyprus Museum is designed as a captivating repository, but also as the departing point for a journey, across the country and back to its origins; it is expected to provide a framework and a context that expands from the exhibition contents, generating an immersive educational experience.